Saturday, January 24, 2009

Copic Coup

Months ago, I ordered a bunch of Copics from Ellen Hutson for my dad. He used them for a few days and I don't think he has done much else with them. So after I did a bit of colouring with Emily's markers and then got heck for not putting them back in order and putting them in the wrong way, I asked my dad if he wanted to sell the markers back to me. And so I have managed to accumulate a very nice collection of Copic Markers! (No payment has exchanged hands yet.)
I can't seem to get the picture up, it is a most beautiful picture of my 36 markers, minus 1 because dad misplaced it.

Kerry took the day off yesterday. We started the morning off on a good foot. Had breakfast at De Dutch, did some boot and jean shopping, and he got a new mountain biking mag. Then we came home, I sat on the couch to watch soaps, usually I'm in my room working with the tv on so I'm productive. Not on this day, I stayed on the couch for hours. Then made dinner and then watched more tv. Howie Do It is very funny, Dirty Dancing is a classic, so I had to watch those. Oddly enough I wasn't tired when we went to bed.

I'm working on my Project 365. It's off to a rough start, the first week was great, I took a photo a day, I made my layout. Then the second week I took almost a photo a day, I didn't make my layout. 3rd week, not as many photos, 2 layouts behind. As of today, I'm caught up. I've let go the "gotta get a photo a day" business and am more a "get at least 7 different photos a week" person.

Emily's friend's grandma knitted and crocheted this Chain Chomp for him and Emily was modeling it for the camera. Very talented knitting!


Kimberly said...

LOVE that cute hat! That is too cute about the Copics too! You make me smile girl!
Sounds like a great day with Kerry too!
Have a great rest of your weekend. xoxo

RAE said...

Cute hat! My project 365 will be one layout a wk with one or more photos from that wk...much more doable for me.