Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'm sending bad vibes to someone.

Not you.
And I know that for a fact because you wouldn't break into my van and some of our neighbours vehicles and steal our belongings.
I know you wouldn't take my float(yes, I know better than to have a container of cash in my van) and take the Tupperware container it was in, I'm more choked about the container than I am about the $40 that was in it. I know you probably wouldn't want the $5 gift card from the packaging store in Langley, well, I know you would, but I know you wouldn't break into my van to get it. I know you wouldn't go through my garbage, glove compartment and junk.
I know you wouldn't violate someone that way, because most people are good people that hold some kind of respect for other people's belongings and they wouldn't do something like this while those people are sitting in their living rooms watching SNL.

If you can't tell by all that...we may have left our van unlocked, and some crack head went through it and our neighbours (plural) vehicles and possibly 1 house. Our neighbour thinks they may also have left their vehicle unlocked, but they like us 'never' do that. It probably happened when the motion detecting light when off, around 11 pm. I saw it happen, thought it was the wind. Shaun came home at 1 am and noticed the van was unlocked. So while we were awake, in the living room, aprox. 6 feet away someone gross was riffling through our stuff. Jerks. I hope the drugs they buy suck. One neighbour probably doesn't even know they were robbed, another neighbour has an extra vehicle ashtray that doesn't have an owner. The cops don't seem to care. Nice.

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Cheryl said...

That sucks Kelli - that's happened to us a couple of times and it's the worst feeling :(