Sunday, January 25, 2009

Workin' It

I spent the better part of yesterday organizing scrapbooks, adding journaling to layouts that I had made a long time ago and never finished, and doing a few other scrapbook related things. Then at about 9 pm. Kerry came into my room and said something about something and I looked at the calender and HOLY CRAP I have a Stamp-A-Stack class today. No cards made, not a thing in mind for the class other than we are doing birthday cards. So I tidied up so that could have more than my usual 12 x 12 inches square to work in. (Table is about 5 feet by 5 feet square.) And I went to town, by 10:30 pm I was finished. I got 4 cards prepped (total of 36 cards.) Whew...I even managed to watch a bit of SNL afterwards.
Today, Emily and I have already had our Mother/Daughter bonding over 111 Copic markers. We stamped and coloured for a few about an hour.
This is my new/borrowed(?) set from my dad. I actually thought he only had a dozen Copics, which I could handle buying off of him but when he dropped them off, I could hear bells ringing...This is almost a $200 set. He said we'd figure it out. Anyhoo...I love them.
So these are the cards I made. I have very few stamp sets that need to be coloured. Probably because I didn't enjoy colouring with my other markers. Now I need some new sets. Drat.

I watched a tutorial from Youtube that Sue had sent me. I picked up a few tips on shading from it. I put those to use. When I was done, Emily, the pro at Copic colouring, said "wow, your shading is so smooth, how'd you do that?" A little bit of me thinks she was stroking my ego! I told her I did what that tutorial said to do and she said "oh, yeah, I'm going to try that." And she did and was very happy with the results.

Off to look at some line drawing stamp sets...


Cheryl said...

Those look great Kelli - love the look of those pens.

Rarinstamp said...

They look awesome Kelli - you're not going to blame your "love" for Copics now on me right? lol Now I need to get some - I have a ton of stamps to color in:)