Friday, January 09, 2009

Waiting with baited breath

I don't even know what that means...but I'm doing it. I got my Canada Post notification that my complimentary Stampin' Up Spring/Summer 2009 catalogue would be here today. So far I have received my order from Ellen Hutson, which is great, but when it's not what you are waiting for, it loses it's appeal. I didn't even open the box.
To take my mind off of the long wait, I'm sewing, no big surprise there as of late. I'm making kleenex holders, purse organizers, and coffee cozies. I might sell them, I might give them as gifts.
Kerry's going to a hockey game with his brother and his mom. They had a funeral to go to today and it's nice that they decided to do something with eachother later. I'm hoping to have my catalogue and I will be making my wishlist while he's gone.
I made crockpot WW soup, let's cross our fingers and hope it helps.

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