Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I think she'll like them

I spent a bit of time on PS7 trying to put the little chibi people that Emily drew on a background without ruining the original picture. With a lot of patience and little tiny brushes, I managed to do a not too shabby job. I printed both pictures on photopaper, and used Golden Gel medium to adhere the paper to the chipboard but I got some warping as the medium dried. So I tried again after using my big ol' brain and decided to print the pics on clear labels and then apply the label to white or vanilla cardstock and glue that to the chipboard. Works great!
I used my BIA to make 4x6 note pads using some plain pads I picked up at Office Depot. I really think she will be pleased. She wants to sell them.
She did like them. I heard a big "OH WOW!"


Rarinstamp said...

Those look really great Kelli - no doubt Em was happy!!! Didn't know you could print on clear sheets!

Cheryl said...

Very cool! Lucky kid :)