Friday, January 09, 2009

Sew I waited

and waited. The mailman didn't come at all. No bills, no junk mail, no complimentary catalogue. So I just kept sewing, but first I cleaned bathrooms, made my soup and lasagna, I was ready for that catalogue.
I made a couple of Kleenex holders, one to match my purse.
Then I made 2 sets of matching items, coffee cozy, Kleenex holder and purse organizer.

Here's a close-up of some of the new fabric I picked up yesterday. It's older fabric but I have been looking for it since I saw it in Donna Downey's Fabric Scrapbooking book.
Then I made 6 more cozies. I already gave 2 away. This last week, Emily's sock monkey, Marcy, lost her ear. We couldn't find it, we think Linus ate it. So I had to use a new, un-matching sock to make Marcy's new ears. The operation went well, and the new ears hear better than the old ones. Here is Marcy, and Button the Cat at their photoshoot.


RAE said...

You really should sell on Etsy...your sewing projects are awesome!

Tara said...

They ARE awesome! I've been telling her that for a long time now Rae... she just doesn't like to listen.

Kelli said...

I registered on Etsy, but haven't list anything to sell yet.

Brenna said...

Those are are great definately should sell