Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Casualties of Gardening

I don't LOVE birds, they can peck your eyes out, they fly, enough said, but I don't wish harm to them either. That being said, I do wish whom ever is eating my tender little baby plants to curl up and die. Kind of. So little quail with your cute/freaky bobbly thing on your head, take a hike!

I did the count this morning...the death count is...
1 leaf lettuce plant, with numerous other plants 'neatly' trimmed on each leaf
2 marigolds, a 3rd with the flowers popped off, who does that?
3 basil plants, 1 died of natural causes

This was last year's basil, beautiful, lush, alive, in a pot on the patio.
If those little critters eat my spaghetti squash plants, it will be all out war.
Same with my zuchini, this is last year's plant. See the baby zuke?

This was my last year's garden watcher. I didn't enjoy seeing the 'meat eaters' snacking on little critters, but if they could show up a few times this year, make their noise, flap their wings, scare some quail, I wouldn't be opposed to it. Because I didn't spend more money than I should have and Mother's Day weekend busting my hump so that the cute little quail could use my garden as a smorgasbord.


Anonymous said...

The garden pictures are beautiful!! Im sorry something is eating your garden, do you have rabbits? There are enough crows here that I could ship a dozed up north and still have plenty! And so sorry you get motion sickness on Star Tours! I closed my eyes during it last weekend and it was like we were barely moving, that movie really adds to it! And Soarin was kind of scary the first time I went on it, and it is really high up, but I think the premise of the ride is fantastic! I have been in Imax type theaters before, but nothing like that!! Did your friends make it down and have a good trip?

RAE said...

You should send all the birds over here. I serve them bird seed, nuts and suet with peanut butter. I think my house is the gourmet 5 star restaurant for them.