Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do not panic, do not panic...

That's what I'm repeating to myself right now. Do not panic.
After I had the blood tests with dreaded fasting, I called the dr.'s office and was told the tests looked fine but if I had any questions, I could come in. I figured fine was good. Then just now the dr.'s office calls and says that the dr. wants me to go back to the lab, ASAP, and donate more blood for testing. WHAT the H? No fasting, just do it. Did they not get enough the first time? Did some lab tech dump my precious ruby red blood? Did they discover my blood has antibodies in it to cure all the worlds diseases and they are going to drain it from me a little vial at a time?

As I pressed Publish Post the phone rang. Do not panic. It's the dr.'s office again, oh, maybe they made a mistake, no, they didn't, it's even worse, in my opinion. I can ONLY have the tests done at the downtown lab. Yikes, donate blood and go downtown.
OMG...she just called again. YES I must fast. SHEEEET, go downtown, donate my precious, and don't eat for 10-14 hours. Lord love a duck. When I asked what the dr. thinks is wrong, I was told I was being tested for...and I wrote this down fast...calcium, albium{don't know if I even heard or wrote that down correctly}, phosphates and thryroid. I've been tested for thryroid so many times now. Do not panic.

Updated again:
OH freak! I just googled everything and why I would be getting tested for those things and it's lots of gloom and doom. It might be albumin, not albium.
On the bright side, I guess, if they do find something, then that would explain things.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you have calcium deposits. Like a sink or tub can get from hard water. Dont panic! Better to get it figured out. And remember you can always get a second opinion!

Angie Tieman said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything is okay!

Veronica said...

Thinking about you chickie!!! Hope that all goes well and keep us informed!!!

RAE said...

Fingers and toes crossed....hopefully nothing major, just some temporary thing that is treatable. Let me know, I'll be thinking of you.

Heather said...

Easier said than done...Don't Panic!
You can do this! Try not to stress too much...okay, just a little.
Thinking of you.

Veronica said...

so .... how did it go? Thinking of you girlie!!!

Wanita said...

I hope they finally figure out what the problem is after all of this!