Monday, May 11, 2009

Challenge May 11th

Head over to and check out the challenges. I am trying to take part in them to get some pages done and to work outside my comfort zone. Today was my day to post the challenge. I challenged you to use...
- a neutral background
- ink
-1-3 recycled things (I went straight to the recycling bin and grabbed empty boxes of snacks)
-1-3 photos that you haven't scrapped, those ones you print off and then never use

This is what I came up with. I had a house photo, not just any house, our house, and a bunch of snack boxes so I went for the obvious, Snacks We Eat! You could use the boxes for book covers, to make flowers, matting photos, die cut shapes out of them, or use the letters for your titles, go all ransom on your layout. I used a Cornish Heritage Farms background stamp for the 'bubble wrap' look on the background, using a torn piece of copy paper as a mask to get the 'ripped' bubble wrap look. Heart is hand cut from felt that was in the garbage can. Staples brought it together quickly.

Go, rummage through your recycling. Make something.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! The boys have learned around here to never throw anything away without running it by me in case I want to scrap it! I constantly cut pieces off boxes!

Angie Tieman said...

Another awesome page!! Love the idea of scrapping your family's snacks! The recycyled items make it just perfect, love the circles!! Awesome!