Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rock and Roll

We took Emily out to the Robinson's to borrow their rototiller. We also had to see the baby chicks. The are just getting their tail and wing feathers and are still very cute. So fragile. Emily thought we said we were getting the Rodent Killer, not the rototiller.
Kerry rigged up a ramp to get the tiller out of the back of the truck and I was ramp holder, the dead weight at the end of the ramp. When Kerry started the decent down the ramp with the tiller, he realized too late that it was to freaking heavy and they rolled down the ramp at break neck speed. Poor little me at the bottom got bowled over, even though I tried to move, but the rock pile was in my way and I couldn't move fast enough to get out of Kerry's way. I tripped over the pile, rolled quite well according to Kerry and came to a stop on my back. I bruised the left side of my bum, skinned both elbows and didn't hit my head on the pile of 2x6s that Kerry had piled near by. I didn't cry, but Kerry almost did, he felt so bad. I got up, he said hold on, and pulled off the loose skin and rocks that were inbedded in my elbows. He thought my bum was bleeding but I must have landed on something wet, because it's still looks as good as it did before. I'm sore, my elbows are killing me, and I'm getting sympathy.
Kerry and the kids made Mother's Day brunch. My parents and his mom came and we had a great meal. I didn't have to clean house beforehand or afterwards. It was very nice!
We tilled the garden, went shopping for more plants, made our rows, and planted our seeds and plants this afternoon. Kerry's just fixing up the sprinklers and then all we have to do is sit back and wait. Ha Ha, I wish it was that easy. We start out good, weeding all the time and then it gets hot and other things become more important, but this year we are going to really make an effort. The whole freaking garden is planted, all 1600 square feet of it. And that stuff better grown if it knows what's good for it.


RAE said...

I"m sorry that I laughed when I read this b/c in my head it looked really funny. Seriously tho, hope you're not too achy and sore today. Your garden is going to be awesome!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow I hope you are alright! Wow.