Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Making the best of crappy lighting.

This picture is not the best. And no, Emily is not dressed as Cousin It from the Adams Family. I should have asked her to push her hair back. But what is so special about this picture is that it's of 2 girls whose moms have been friends since they were 13 years old. There's a huge age difference, 9 years between the girls, but Emily is fairly patient and plays with Zoe, even though she tires Emily out!
Kerry's mom got him a snazzy new hat for his birthday.

Shaun and Jenn posed for a couple of pictures, but again, bad lighting on the deck and lazy people didn't want to move to better lighting. Oh, and lazy people decided the "Pirate Face" was what I was looking for. Number of decent pictures I have of the 2 of them together, other than this one, zero, zilch, nada, big fat 0. Rotten kids.

And if I could photoshop fat necks out of pictures, I would have done this one, but it's not the worst, I guess. The one Terrell took of my butt is much worse.
I decided that I should participate in a few of the challenges at Art Freckles. This one called for neutral background, letter stickers, hand cutting and glitter. You can't see the glitter but it's on the patterned critter background, and on the clouds.
Journaling reads: Humour me and sit still long enough for me to get a few good shots.
I need to get the kids dressed decently and out somewhere pretty to get some new family shots. If I don't they will have a scrapbook full of these same pictures and although I love them, the kids will think I never took any other photos of them. Which right now is true. I have 26 MB of photos of kids, 4.85 GB of dogs.
And I discovered a surprising benefit to blogging...when Emily needed pictures of family members for a French assignment while at school, she could have used fake family members, like from a magazine or any old website, but she remembered my blog and the plethora of family photos on it. So her 'fake French family' is really her real family.


RAE said...

That is a super shot of you & Kerry together. Love that LO too!

Anonymous said...

The pics are great!! And I love the layout, the background pp is so cute!

Angie Tieman said...

Wowzers! What a kick-a** layout! You rock at scrapping! And the photos are great, crappy lighting and all! I really like his pose in his new hat, priceless!

Veronica said...

I really love that shot of you and your DH! Very cute! Also love the page!!! Fun papers!