Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick little update

1. made it through fasting, even though toast making at the school made my tummy growl.
2. the lab was not busy, and no scuzzies were around, well, except for the one woman that was at the lab and had her thong pulled up at least 6 inches above her jeans, they were not low rider jeans, it was not a sexy thong, it didn't look like a clean thong, and she was not young.{shivers}
3. the 'vampire' took my blood with great care, no pain, no fainting, very gentle and she tried so hard to take my mind off of the whole ordeal by talking about dogs.
4. I was going to go shoe shopping after, but decided not to. Got a Mediteranean Market sub instead, went to the scrapbook store, didn't buy anything.
5. Went bride's maid dress shopping late afternoon and found THE dresses.
6. Shaun and I made Cheemo perogies for dinner and they were so good.
7. ate a donut, went into a coma.
8. got some scrapbooking done, for the Artfreckles June kit. The July and Aug. kit are in the mail!


Veronica said...

thanks for the update!!

What amazes me so much today is that you went to the scrapbook store and didn't buy anything....I think you gott go back and see the doctor!!

Shannon Wyman said...

Glad you made it through the blood taking okay Kelli!