Friday, January 01, 2010


I took pictures today, there aren't many other ways I can think of to spend the first day of the new year. Besides, no one else was at home.

We'd been waiting for snow and we finally got it, so Karla, Vince and I headed out to the park to get some engagement photos. They live across the street from us, we've known Karla for about 11 years. It's hard to believe she's getting married in the Spring. They are such a cute couple, it was a treat to take their pictures. You can view all the pictures and the ones from Kayla and Shea's shoot at my smugmug site, just click the link to the right of this post. I'm still processing photos from today, I have to learn to shoot less, or process faster.
The dogs love the snow. Sally can't eat enough of it. Linus just likes running, laying and digging in it.


RAE said...

Photos look great! I love the last one of Linus LOL

Lacintha said...

fABULOUS PICS kELL...I love love the doggie :)