Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday blahs are magnified when it snows and one has to go to work.

This is how I've been packaging the cds from my photoshoots. A cd envelope is adhered to the inside.

Karla, from my New Year's day engagement photo shoot, had a birthday before Christmas. We have an ongoing joke that she knows Oprah, but she left off the H from Oprah one time and I haven't let her forget it. Opra (me) sends her birthday cards, and Christmas cards, but I (Kelli) didn't send her a birthday card and got hassled about it. So I told her I had something bigger and better than a card. I had made this trifold album ages ago, knowing that I was giving it to Karla after the photo shoot, but we had to wait for snow, and that took forever to get here.

Snow came, photos were taken, and I got them in the album and gave it to her yesterday. She was thrilled and said it will be put on the guest book table at their wedding. And that I made it in their colours. Silly girl doesn't remember me asking her weeks and weeks ago about what her wedding colours were.
I kind of wanted to keep it, I loved how the black and white photos looked in it. In other New Year's news, my mom, 3 of my aunts and I got together to make sushi, chowmein, salmon and a bunch of other good eats. The only problem is that by the time we are done making the stuff and the big dinner time rolls around, none of us are hungry. Personally, I don't care if I eat sushi again for months. I'd like cabbage rolls instead.

We went to see It's Complicated with my parents yesterday. They had tried a couple times over the holidays to see it but couldn't get in. So yesterday we made it in the building and as we were about to order our popcorn, some kid pulled the fire alarm and the whole mall was evacuated for about 20 min. I was pretty sure my parents were destined to not see the movie. After deciding to wait it out, we saw it and it was really good, very funny. Jim Krasinki, from The Office, is hilarious. I've always thought Steve Martin was cute, but you know you're getting old when you find Alex Baldwin cute too although he's a little too thick and hairy.


Sue said...

I love how you pkg the CD's - very nice. And the album is gorgeous. The B&W do look great in there.

Heather said...

i will trade a tray of cabbage rolls for sushi! I was gonna make some for NY's eve, but had too much else going on. It ended u[ more Chinese like food than healthy Japanese.

RAE said...

Gorgeous packaging! I love it! BTW, I'd take cabbage rolls any day over sushi. Now I'm getting hungry LOL

Veronica said...

I LOVE SUSHI!!!!! Love the tri-fold shutter thingy in red black and white....I will have to try one like that!

Shannon Wyman said...

Kelli that album is just gorgeous!