Friday, January 08, 2010

some things with pictures

I'm still working on my Daily December album. I took pictures almost every day, a given, and I did not write anything down. It will be a long time before this album is finished, but I can see myself doing another one next December, only maybe I'll start in September.
Here are some of the photos (SOOC) I took. Christmas is always bittersweet when it comes to taking pictures. I have no control over the type of lighting in other people's houses, hence my push for a new 50mm lens. I did take my flash but I still don't love it. I also have no control over what they wear, next year I'm pushing for everyone to only wear purple, grey, and white. I did insist that Kerry and the kids get new shirts. The boys did, Emily didn't 'need' one as she put it. Arg. This was everyone playing 80's Trivial Pursuit at Kerry's brother's place. Guys against Girls, oddly enough Guys one, but Girls kicked their butts at Mad Gab. Kerry does not have his new shirt on.
Emily spent almost all of Christmas day under the tree, she ate there, she read, she played her DS. Emily does have new pjs on.

She drank her Pop Shoppe pop there too. This was more reminiscent for the grown ups, as the kids weren't around when the Pop Shoppe was.

At my Grandpa's, letting go of the lack of control of lighting here, and the fact that there is so much going on. I did manage to get my aunt showing everyone her 'octopus'. Kerry does have his new shirt on here, and somewhere Shaun is sporting his new shirt. My aunt is wearning a purple top and would fit in perfectly.

Amanda laying out the cards for a Japanese card game our Grandma taught her and some of my younger cousins, I don't remember her teaching me. Amanda was with the program and had purple on.
Swiss Cheese crackers, one of Emily's new favourite finds.
The computer is back, the power supply fan has been replaced, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.
It's Friday, Shaun and Jenn are making dinner. Kerry came home from work early, and Emily is grounded off the computer still. Although she has been trying to 'earn' her way back on, it's not working.
I'm not sure what the weekend plans are, but I do know this... babies are coming, lots and lots of them. Kayla and Shea had their baby girl, Aleighna, I believe her name is and she was about 3 weeks early. And twins are being born as I type this, and Anna Z. is having her baby at the coast today. I wish them all the best!


Anonymous said...

Lots of great pics! That would be funny if everyone wore the coordinating colors!! I used to love hanging out under the tree like Emily did on Xmas!

Sue said...

Sounds like you all had a great time at christmas with family. Also sounds like you have a few more baby albums to get done huh.

Veronica said...

Those pop shop bottles bring back serious awesome memories of my childhood back in Ontario. I didn't know they had those stores out west!

RAE said...

Loved seeing all the photo. I think there should be a city bylaw or something that family members of photographers should wear the colors they are told to so that they coordinate nicely. Also they should have to look at the camera or where they are told without making disgusted faces.

Glad the computer fix wasn't too pricey!

Julie said...

Hey we were blogworthy-neat! I think that was officially the first blog post about the twins :)