Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oriental Supermarket Fun

After Emily's orthodontist appointment, she said those 2 words she says every time we go out, "I'm hungry." So we went out of our way to the Oriental Supermarket. She used to declare "It stinks in here!" when we walked in the door, but now she says she likes the smell. We must have been hungry because we bought a bunch of different things. She always wants one of these drinks, it's carbonated, and you have to whack the marble sealing it with the cap, the marble drops into the glass bottle and causes some of the drink to fizz up and out, but we got smart this time and did it all in a bowl so she wouldn't lose half her drink. It's not cheap, $3 for the bottle and it's probably 1/2 the amount that's in a reg. pop can. But she loves the whole Asian/gimmicky thing. These sounded good, how could dried yams not sound good? I must have been very hungry. They are just that, dried yams, not sweetened, not salted. Just dried. Not bad, but not good.

These are good. Some kind of weird potato snack, Italian Gratin flavoured. Everyone loved them.

These are definitely deep fried, but lightly sweetened, maybe even sweet/salty. But the texture will kill your mouth, kind of like crinkle cut fries but 400 times harder.

Emily picked this cup of ramen for her dinner. She boiled the water, followed the directions, for cooking the noodles. Then she drained the water and added the flavour packet and packet of 'oil', which looked like fat mixed with seeds. She said it was good and that she could eat it again, but she didn't actually finished it all, so I question how good it was.

One of the reasons I like taking her to the Oriental Supermarket is because she can read the packaging. She's taught herself to read Japanese, which is more than I can do. She can't read everything, but she can gets the gist of it and can translate for me. So when I saw these, next to something I recognized, I asked her to translate and sure enough it was exactly what I thought. And she knew what it was so we had to buy it. Naruto, swirl fish cakes. It's similar to imitation crab. You slice them thinly and use it to decorate your food.

Like this, our peanut sauce noodles.

Grandpa had a dr.'s appt., the dr. thinks there's a blockage of some sort because his pulse is weaker at his feet than anywhere else. He sent him for bloodwork and he'll be having more tests ASAP. Thank you for all the well wishes!
Today, I must scrapbook. I've got classes to prepare for and nothing to show for it. I hope my mojo shows up today.


RAE said...

I scrapped last night and will do it again today...2 days in a row! Haven't done that for awhile. I'll continue praying for your grandpa.

Chrispea said...

That sounds like a cool store. My daughter would love it. The soda would be neat. I've seen those swirly things... they put them in our soup at a Japanese restaurant. We weren't sure if we could eat them... but we did.