Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Without a computer

I'm using Shaun's laptop because our computer's power supply fan kicked the bucket. And if that wasn't enough, the washing machine sprung a leak, which wouldn't be such a big deal if the laundry room was in the basement. But it's upstairs, so any water that leaks out uses gravity to flood the rest of the house. So now that Kerry has fixed it, I'm a bit afraid to use it again. The last time it flooded the house, Kerry fixed it left to go back to work and I did another load and the hose fell off the machine again.
So laundry is not on the top of my list of things to do now that I can't waste all my time reading blogs. Baking is on that list, Emily's so picky that her lunches are getting smaller and smaller. Cookies aren't the best choice, but the homemade ones are better than the store bought ones. Although the triple chocolate ones I just made might not be healthier.

I may just update this post as the day goes on...
without easy access to a computer a person can get a bunch of things done.
I made my cookies, did all the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, bleached a bunch of things, found out the bathroom sink plug thing isn't attached to anything, pulled it out, cleaned it, then I decided, and this comes from watching Hoarders, that my 'card' collection needed attending. I've only watched a couple episodes of Hoarders because most of them gross me out, Kerry can't stand the show. So Monday's show was pretty tame and we watched it. Anyways, I have a collection of cards, not ones I've made, no, that's a different problem. My dirty little secret is that I've kept every single greeting card we've ever received. Remember that card you gave me for my 31st birthday, I have it, the cards from Shaun's baby shower, I have them, all of them. I think it comes from my childhood. My mom had a green garbage bag full of cards that she kept in the bottom of the closet and I loved to go through them as a kid. I remember some of them, one was from my baby shower, it had a plastic baby bottle attached to front of it. So in my efforts to never become a hoarder, I have sorted all the cards, and they are out of here. I did keep a pile of 'special' ones, like the one where Emily says I'm the best mom ever, and she likes me. I'll probably need that card later, she had a bad day yesterday and is without computer privileges for a long time.

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RAE said...

You definitely get more done when you can't get online. Bet you'll be glad when your computer is fixed tho,eh?