Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Solar Powered.

I know...
2 posts in one day....This one has pictures. Lots of them.

Because we live in a valley, and we pay that nasty sunshine tax, we suffer in the winter. Maybe it's part of that sunshine tax, I don't really know what that tax includes, I've just heard people say we have one, but anyways, it's usually overcast and dismal in the winter. So as soon as I saw the sun shining, I grabbed my camera and that stinky tennis ball and took the dogs outside.

Here the majestic Golden Retriever soaks up the rays. He needs them because he is solar powered and has plans on ripping up the grass with his mighty paws as he catches his prey, the stinky tennis ball. But first he must actually rip up some grass, namely my zebra grass, he then pulled two branches of my forsythia. You can see the stinky tennis ball sneaking up on him.

He sat around like a dope because I told him to stop demolishing the flora and fauna.

He caught the stinky tennis ball, made lots of steam, and had some fun. You can see his assortment of yard toys (and possibly a doggy deposit) in this one, the tree root, and the 2x6s he likes us to throw for him, only problem is I can hardly lift them, so they usually land on him or about 3 feet in front of me.

How can you not love this face? The dog breath, the grass in the teeth, the goobery jowls, the stinky tennis ball.

Then we went inside and ate candies.

I had seen a neat trick with Christmas lights that I wanted to try. I knew there was a reason I still had a box of lights that didn't get put away after Christmas. Linus helped with the set up. He was checking the mug of water to make sure it was okay. He actually drank the whole thing.

After he moved, I was able to get this.
And not to be left out, I had to get a shot or two of Miss Sally. She likes to high tail it when Linus starts his antics.


Bonnzlw said...

We have a golden, Bailey, who is now 9 months old so I can understand why you blog about your baby. Bailey is the most loving dog we've ever had and we've had them always. He can sing like a coyote (started accompanying a squeeky toy) and now sing with me - we howl a lovely duet. Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! If only the kids would be your test subjects instead of the dogs! lol