Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm on to them.

I picked up a good photography magazine yesterday and one of the things it mentioned was that even though winter isn't prime photo taking time, a person should not let their skills get rusty and should get out there in the winter and take pictures. So when Kerry was planning his mountain biking today, I asked where they were going and he said Knox Mountain and that it would be a nice bright open place to take pictures. I said I'd go too. He called my dad, and they made plans for me to come. Little did I know, I was an integral part of the plan, I became shuttle master. Which means they jump out of the truck, make sure I don't get stuck in a snow bank and off they go. I then drive the BRT, big red truck, squeaky wheels and all, down to the bottom of the hill. As soon as I got out of the truck with my camera when I dropped them off at the top and Kerry said "Oh, are you going to take pictures now?" I knew I'd been had. He mentioned that the bottom of the hill would be better.
So I drove down, I parked, I walked and I walked. I took some pictures. You can see the new bridge in the distance. I called them on the cell to find out where they were and where I should be for the best shots. I walked more than I had to up that hill in the snow and ice. And then I had to turn around and walk back down. I got less than a dozen shots, I think we took longer to get coffee at Tim Hortons and to drive home than they took to ride down the hill. Well, at least they get to say "January 10, 2010 we got to ride our mountain bikes!"
And I got to get out and use my skills instead of letting them rot while I played Super Mario Brothers.Emily brought home her recipe for Cheese Pretzels and we made up a batch, it only makes 4 much to Kerry's dismay. They were really good. And easy.

My parents came over last night and the guys watched Moto Cross, the girls hit the scrap room. Mom made her monthly layout, Emily read and painted a gorgeous water colour picture, and I tidied up. I've really been purging stuff and not useful stuff, but things I like to keep and will never use again, like the greeting cards, short tiny pieces of ribbon, bubble get the idea.

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RAE said...

I'd love a bit of snow to take photos of(but only for a day). We've got rain and lots of it. Granville Island has lots of stuff indoors so will venture down there over the next few wks for a fun photo outing. Is it too early to start wishing for spring flowers and sunshine?