Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I went!

Bright and early, okay, more like dismal and early, but I still got out of the house just after 8 am. to catch the excitement of seeing the Olympic torch wind it's way through Kelowna. I choose to go to Fabricland instead of the Emily's school. Standing in -2 degrees with teens was more than I wanted to do today, and besides, you can't 'legally' take pictures of those underaged brats. So I stood with these gals and their meters of maple leaf fabric. Weird thing, only a handful of other people were standing out there too. They stood there like that for about 30 minutes before the torch came. They got lots of honks and cheers. I don't know who the torch bearer was but the whole thing gave me teary eyes. How proud he looks. The funny thing is that his cheering team that might have been his wife and daugthers were funny. The one that we thought was his wife laughed hysterically the whole time as she jogged along the sidewalk with him.
On the way home, which is also the route of the torch relay, hundreds of people were along the highway so I parked and walked over to see it again. Here you can see them lighting the next runner's torch, oh, that's right, you can't really because Darlene's head is in the way. But you can make out that gas is 99.9 cents a liter.

You could actually feel the heat of the flame, which was made me teary too, must have been the heat melting my eyes.

I'm glad I went. I'm cold, but it really was something to see. And I got to wear my prize winning fleece jacket because it's the only red one I have.


Jenn said...

I missed the Torch when it came through Sherwood Park :( I think that it is funny that you consider -2 cold....LOL. Glad that you got to see it, though. (and holy expensive gas! ours is 88 cents right now!)

Sue said...

Your pics are great Kelli and the gals at Fabricland look great!!! You should have stuck around - we got to hold the torch and talk to Jordy after it was all done!!! It was an awesome event for sure.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I would have cried too! And is that your Mom in the first pic?