Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning

I wish the sun would shine for just a few hours! Although I do have to go to work so maybe it could wait until later to shine. I am thankful for the 'warmer' weather we are having, it's not very January-ish, but I'll take it.
I've been 'suffering' for the last week or so with a bit of a sore throat, although it's not reallly sore so much as it is irritated, and irritating. The glands in my neck are swollen too. Some days it's not bad, and other's it is. I'd like to just get whatever it is, be sick and get better. Is that too much to ask?

A very nice guy sold me his almost brand new 50mm f/1.4 lens yesterday. After much back and forth about whether or not I 'needed' this lens, and yes, I am going to use lots of 'quotation' marks today, I finally decided I did need it. I had been looking at the f/1.2 and reading reviews and it didn't get great ones, and it's way over priced. This nice guy got the f/1.4 mid-October and then his even nicer parents bought him a Nikon for Christmas. Win Win for both of us. This lens will help me take better indoor photos. I'm selling my flash because I've come to the conclussion we don't work well together, I love the natural light and shooting in it, I don't get the same happy results with the flash. Some people do.

I'm sending off our Anime Evolution Convention registration forms today. It's at UBC in Burnaby, in August. I can smell it now, 5000 costumed people, 38 degrees and no deoderant. I can't wait!

Things we are looking forward to in the last few weeks of January...
- more rain, and warmer weather.
- babies, not ours.
- taking pictures of babies.
- Linus's birthday, the big 3!

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Sue said...

I totally agree with you that sunshine would be nice. Saturday was gorgeous and I'm so ready for spring. Saturday wasn't long enough.
Glad you have a new toy to play with. Have a great day:)