Thursday, January 07, 2010

Backed up! poor computer has been sitting at London Drugs and no one has even looked at it, as of 5:30 pm last night. I understand they might be busy but what's the point of having an appointment?
Thankfully, I've been able to use Shaun's laptop. It's quite nice, it's upstairs, I can do the dishes, bake and go on-line.
I watched Oprah yesterday, I don't normally watch it. But they had a follow up to the other episode of Hoarders that I watched and it was interesting to see what happened after. It seems families split up after there houses get cleaned up. One woman wanted to keep an old Slurpee cup on the episode last night. I kind of get it, but she had also lost her kids due to the messy house, for me, it's Slurpee cup or kids. Kids would win, but for this poor woman, it was the cup, she never got her kids back and had to move her 1400 boxes of stuff to storage. Her and her husband split up, he got the son, they didn't say where the daughter was. Very sad.
But I also see that as cluttered as I think my house is, it really isn't that bad.


Shannon Wyman said...

Isn't it sad eh? Have you ever watched Hoarders on A&E? I often wonder what happens to these people afterwards.

RAE said...

I'm not an Oprah watcher unless there is a specific topic/person I want to watch. I'm more of a Rachael Ray and Ellen fan.