Thursday, May 06, 2010

15 long years!

Today is our 15 year anniversary. We've been together for over 17 years. I find it so hard to believe. I know 3 of you are doing the math 17 years, Shaun's 20, wth? I'll tell you the story one day.
Kerry and Kelli tidbits of the day...
1.we met through friends, in a night club. Kerry was drunk. He was dancing, I thought "That guy is cool, he dances to the music in his head." Now I know, that guy has no rhythm.
2. in Japanese, Kerry is Kerry, Kelli is Kerry. There are no L's. There's also no Emily, it's Emery. This is how my Grandpa spells her name. We tease her because before we knew that there weren't L's, we thought it was an accent thing.
This is what I woke up to. Kerry's not generally romantic or good with surprises. Today, he got the dogs up and they all went for a ride to Tim Horton's for breakfast. He brought back 2 sandwiches for me and Emily. He also, and this made me cry, but he doesn't know that, managed so squirrel away $100 and stuffed it in a card for me. Made me cry for a couple reasons...
1. we weren't exchanging gifts, guess what I got him?
2. every time I pay cash for something the cashier gives HIM my change, which he promptly puts in his pocket.
3. classes haven't picked up since before Christmas, so I'm more semi-retired than I planned to be.
4. and the best part, I bought myself some Silpada silver hoop earrings and 2 camera batteries for Mother's Day! Refer back to #1.

So he said to spend it on something I really want. I think I am going to buy him some lunch today, maybe a donair, or a big ol' greasy combo meal from Triple O's with sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo.
I've been knitting up a storm. And before you think "wow, that girl has so much talent" like I know you say every time you read my blog, I'll let you in on a little secret. I bought a Knifty Knitter. It's a loom. It's so easy. But I did spend too much on this yarn, it's hand dyed. One ball made 1 cocoon. If I wanted to sell it, I'd have to charge a small fortune. I wanted a matching hat but there was none to spare. I love the colours and the verigated-ness, but not so happy it turned out striped, I can live with it.


Anonymous said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary! I love the cocoon! Joe is a great model! Have a great day :)

Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Happy Anniversary! What K did is so sweet. Have fun spending your money. Love the cocoon!

Anonymous said...

I tired doing the math. Didn't work. I tried drawing a picture. It was disgusting. Obviously, that didn't work either.