Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Last Week's update {photo heavy}

We went up to get dog apples on the weekend and Linus had a good romp with his cousin, Teya. She's also a Golden Retriever.

Emily turned 14! It's hard to believe she's that old.

I knitted. A tiny baby hat. Joe is modeling them for me. He's almost newborn size.

And a baby cocoon for a photo prop.

Other things that happened the week I got food poisoning...
It was Kerry's birthday yesterday and our anniversary is on Thursday.
I helped Vince make bows for the wedding, Karla helped us.
We took the kids to Taki's for Emily's birthday dinner, did not get sick from that.
Kerry installed the stairs, I still have to paint them.
Kerry finally got an ipod.
Emily dropped and broke her Nintendo DS. She got exactly enough money for her birthday to buy new DSXL. It's huge, it can do a lot of things, it has a camera, as does Kerry's ipod.
I drank more Gatorade than I ever have in my life on Friday.
That's about it.


Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Great photos! I need to make a cocoon too. Like the neutral color yarn you used.

Anonymous said...

I love the photos! And you knitted!! WOW! oh, and Happy Anniversary! I had no idea, I would have sent more pickle chips!

Anonymous said...

Poor Joe.
Also, Karla did more than help, she also did simple math.

Sue said...

You knit - both the hat and cocoon? Wow, they look great:) If you crochet, I have a preemie baby hat pattern for you. LMK. Hope you are feeling better soon. Happy Birthday Em:)

Lacintha said...

Fabulous pics as always Kell...glad to hear you're feeling better...now stay away from the Spitz, woman!