Friday, May 14, 2010

In the Works

These two are working on something that I can't post yet. A Kelly and Kelli production.I had to crop this one closer, don't want to let the cat out of the bag early.
I love the light at the front of my house. I don't have many pictures of myself, let alone many with any other people.


Anonymous said...

Oh!!! I know what it is!

Real Estate!

Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

So mysterious :)

Sue said...

I'm curious - when will we know????

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! I got a new one!


Lacintha said...

Hmmmnnn....I like suspense...(no for too ong, though ;))

Girl, you are lookin' hot!
Love the shot, and can't wait to hear what the two K's are up to :)