Wednesday, May 19, 2010


What can make a grown man sit on a dirty dog bed to watch tv? This can. Now Kerry can watch the movies he bought on itunes on the tv instead of on his little nano screen. I can watch my one and only movie, A Nightmare Before Christmas, on my ipod, but I never need to as we have the dvd.
I picked up our hill climb tickets today. I'm so excited about this weekends plans. I'm steering clear of germ infested daughter. Kerry and I have to work out an itinerary for Saturday and Sunday. I think it will be something like...
8:45 Hillclimb
11 Pics of Karla getting ready for her big day
1:15 get good pew in church
? eat perogies and cabbage rolls
? roll home
8:45 Hillclimb
2:30 Wedding
8 Home/Watch Lost
8:15 sleep and hope someone is taping Lost


Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Good luck this wkend. You've got a busy wkend ahead of you. Drink lots of fluids and take your vitamins. I'm heading out for the wkend but will be checking on Monday when I get back to see if you posted any wedding pics. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Busy weekend! I have Nightmare on my Ipod too! I got a free digital copy when I bought it but I dont use my Ipod much so I never buy other movies for it!