Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More on Tuesday!

The second to last episode of Lost is on tonight, the penultimate, as the kids would call it. I didn't even know what that meant until one of them said it. It was "next to last" in my day.

Did I mention Karla's family gave us homemade perogies as payment for helping Karla and Vince with wedding stuff? They were the best perogies I've ever had. THE BEST! Cheese and onion...potato goodness.

I made weird little brownies today, not those kind, but the kind were you run out of cocoa, and use choc. chips instead, but then put some instant coffee granules in too. And then you add a gob of peanut butter to the top of each before you bake them and you do this in mini cupcake tins. When they came out, I wasn't sure about them, so I gave Kelly-Next-Door a sample, sorry Karla, you have a dress to fit into (who's lookin' out for you?ME) and she deemed them yummy. Then I ate a few more, and still wasn't sure. Then Shaun ate one and said they were delicious. And when Kerry came home he said they were the best little things, next to Karla's perogies, ever! I don't think I could make them again if I tried.

And before all this happened, the soup fairy left Thai Chicken soup on the fence out back. OMG...it's my new favourite. John's a chef at The Grand and he should open a soup shop. I ate it for lunch and again for dinner. And then Kelly-Next-Door gave me another container full. It's like the bottomless soup pot. Coconut, ginger, chicken, shrimp, tomato, cilantro goodness.

Kerry's boss gave our name when he won tickets to The Knox Mountain Hill Climb, so we get free tickets! Before the weddings we will check it out each morning. Lots of excitement this weekend. Busy week ahead.

I've been asked to shoot another wedding in August, one of the derby girls friend's wedding. That's 2 in August, 1.5 in May, 1 in October. Eeeeek.


Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Can't wait to see the wedding photos! That soup sounds yummy and my mouth just waters thinking about those brownies.

Sabine said...

Hey kelli - the soup you are talking about - I think it is called Tom Ga Gai - and it is my favorite soup ever. We also put mushrooms in and Galangal - it makes all the difference. I think there is also Kafir Lime Leaf - lots of yummy stuff. We eat it with rice on the side and cucumbers.
Anyhow, I am just recalling my old Thai days and had to pop in.
have a fun weekend - I love your blog - the only one I am reading :)