Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday's Tidbits

30 yrs. ago, today, Mount Saint Helen's erupted. I remember the ash on the vehicles, watching the footage play over and over again. A horrible day for anyone living near the volcano. But a new beginning for us. On this day, my dad decided to stop drinking, cold turkey. Happy Anniversary to my dad!The stairs are almost finished, we are waiting 28 days for the paint to harden before caulking the little gaps.

As with everything we do, the dogs are right there. Linus spent most of the stair making days laying at the top looking down at us, or if he was able to, sitting on the step right above us. I think he thinks he's site manager or supervisor.
I love the way Sally is sitting. I have 2 carrots above my head, and that's why they are sitting so nice.
The new hardwood and paint brightens the staircase up, and sooner than later, I want to paint the walls a light springy green, and the door will get a new coat of something.
This is the same wood we put in the living room, hall, and dining room. We have so much leftover that Kerry made his workbench out of hardwood in the garage, and now we've done the stairs and still have 9 boxes left. I don't know what we will do with the rest, I don't think there is anything else left to hardwood. Is that even a correct sentence? Hardwood isn't a verb.

The forecast is still predicting rain for the weekend. 60% chance for Saturday. I know from my time picking apples that 60% means rain, at some point, 70% means rain for sure, 30% means not likely. So I'm hoping for overcast! Please, and thank you!

I stepped outside my comfort zone and joined Terrell for Bunco last night. I was filling in for another friend that couldn't make it. I thought it was a card game. As Terrell explained it "It's Yahtzee on speed!" and it was.

The kids gave Kerry an itunes card for his birthday and he bought The Essential Johnny Cash album, not what I would have predicted. I love it! I had to put it on my ipod too. Not full of shiny happy songs, they won't inspire bright, happy scrapbook layouts. But that's what my Glee soundtracks are for. I'm pushing him towards purchasing Willie Nelson next. I'm so anti-new country, but I love the old stuff from Pasty Cline, some Alabama and right up to and including Randy Travis. But that's it.

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Sue said...

the new stairs look great! Kerry did a great job!
I'm hoping for clouds too and no rain on the weekend - May Days. But I will be dry under my tent:)
Have fun Kelly - you're going to do a great job.