Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend's Fun and Games

So it wasn't a business venture of any kind that Kelly and I did. It was a joint effort on Karla's bridal shower gift. Together we made her and Vince an album for her wedding photos.

I used a photo from their engagement shoot I did in the winter for the cover picture.
And then Kelly and I posed for some shots so that Karla will always remember who made the album for her. You can make out the edge of "Made especially for you by your HOT neighbours." We even did matching tattoos for them.

She loves sheep, can you tell?
We had a great time. She's got some hilariously funny friends and relatives. Her neighbours are killers! They are so funny! I don't think I ever laughed so hard at a shower. I'm pretty sure Karla was crying because she was laughing so hard. At one point, her little cousin put on her brand new red lacy panties, and he did a little dance in them and I thought I was going to die. I'll save everyone the embarrassment by not posting the pictures of that one.

It was Rod's birthday and we had a great time full of food and I got my fill of baby handling in.

Kerry and I went out to Sunday's wedding site and I got a few pictures of him modeling for me. I made him sit beside this old abandoned boat. He humored me, like he always does.

Half the shots have him and his Tim's cup posing together.

I have to find shoes, try on the outfit I think I'm wearing to the wedding, find something to wear the next day when I shoot the other wedding, and try to find time to see the Knox Mountain Hill climb each day before the weddings, get my hair done, and hope it doesn't rain like the forecast said was going to. Cloudy I want, rain I don't.


Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Sounds like a busy wkend!

Heather said...

The album turned out Divine! I am sure she loved it!

Sue said...

Kerry is such a "good" model. And the Timmy's cup is important dontcha know:)