Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm practicing with my 28mm lens. It's taking some getting used to.
I think this is snow on the mountain, but now that I've googled it and seen other pictures, I think it's something else. It's lighter green, almost sage foliage, spreads, is low growing and has these white flowers. It's not a weed. She contemplating...If it's not snow on the mountain, mom, then what is it?
He doesn't give a rat's ass. It doesn't taste good so who cares what it is, momma?

My stick tastes good and that's all lthat matters.

Oh, wait, some grass clippings, they taste good too.

All shots are SOOC, I was laying on the patio. I was covered in dirt and grass clippings when I was done. I love my camera.
I totally forgot to mention that not only do I have a bride getting dressed shoot, a wedding and the hill climb, I'm shooting Jeanette tonight!

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Monique said...

I love your photos of your pup! I use my own dog as model more times than I should - hehe!
My favs are the 2nd and third ones...