Monday, July 05, 2010

Another Monday

I know you are thinking that I've posted this picture before, but I haven't. These are beets, the other's were beans. Some people eat beet tops. I worry that if I eat the tops, the bottoms will suffer. I just can't do it. These little suckers will soon be big enough and I've already decided they will be sacrificed for the great good...deep fried zucchini.
This thing will grow up and tell his grandpups that he was so poor all he had to play with was an old bucket.

And a gnarly root from a tree.

As poor as he is, he still managed to pose for a few shots for me. No one else will.
And then he got back to his usual goofy self.

I'd throw the bucket, he'd get it, and dip it in the pool and then give it to me, after doing this for 2 times, he'd get in the pool too. And then we'd do it again.
He's not so great with the verbal commands, "It's to your right, not my right!" and I'm not so good with throwing the bucket.

But we manage alright. He gets exercise, I get to practice with my camera.
I swear I will have some kind of scrapbooking/cardmaking related post this week.

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Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Its finally warming up here so its almost time to bring out Sandy's pool too.