Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Lucky?

We had the pleasure of being invited to Cyclepath's staff party, probably had something to do with the fact my dad practically lives there and Kerry is his sidekick. We had a great afternoon of sun, lake, food, and laughter.

The guys, my dad on the unstable floaty thing in the middle, Kerry in front of standing Matt.
We had a great time, this little death trap was probably one of the reasons... a wooden ramp off the end of the wharf, into the lake, old rickety bikes with floatation devices (foam and empty beverage bottles) and lots of peer pressure.
Let's just say I did not marry Kerry for his grace!
This guy had the moves and some skill.
Right around this time a very skinny guy from Alberta starts going on and on about how beautiful it is here, how he went mountain biking, how he's spending the day on the lake, etc. and then he asks how long I've lived here. All.My.Life. He says "You are the luckiest person I know! You must love it, going snowboarding, skiing, boating, swimming..."
And that's where I say "I don't ski, snowboard, swim or boat" and I realize I'm the worst ambassador of Kelowna.
So when Eric says "Who's going on the boat next?" Kerry and I jumped in. Here's where I tell the story about the boat... I get motion sickness on boats, and as a kid (23) my dad had a boat and used to take us out in it (once), and he'd hit the wake and we'd fly up in the air(400 feet I believe) and then I'd cry and cry. And I have an irrational fear of sturgeon.
This is why Kerry's neck and shoulder are sore.
After Kerry and his friend fell off the 'tube', Leah, her son and I climbed on. I figured if this 3 yr. old was going to do it, and Eric said he'd go slow, then maybe I should become a better Kelownian.
As you can see, not a picture of happiness.


Chris Hertel said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!!

Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Sounds like an awesome day!

Angie Tieman said...

What a fun day!! Awesome photos! Is that seriously your husband on that bike, flying through the air?! That kind of move would put my husband or me in the hospital! How much summer do you get? How many months does it snow/stay cold? How cold? I've been thinking about moving to Canada...someday...

Sweaty Banana said...

Can I be 'mean' just one more time?
Yes, okay?

OMG! Look at your facial expression! Priceless! Ill take two of those. Please.

Sue said...

An awesome day I'm sure but I will say you are braver than me. I won't go on those things! I don't ski either :)