Sunday, July 04, 2010

Lessons in Lighting

We've been trying to get out and do a bit more lately. Tv show choices are at an all time low. We decided to go out riding/shooting on Friday night. At 8 pm. Who does that? The sun was just going behind some clouds, it was very sunny out. By the time we got to the top of the hill, the sun decided it wasn't coming back out.
Kerry rode and I took some pictures, but I had to have them at a super high ISO. Embracing the grain did not come easy because I know what awesome light looks like in this area.
I walked and grumbled, but not too much, I had used mosquito repellent on 99% of my body and was feeling pretty good.
I saw this beetle, Kerry said he'd seen lots of them, they are called Mountain Beetles. I asked how he knew that, he said because they are found in the mountains. {Insert head slap here}
First time over the log, he bailed, I did get pictures but they were not very good.
It was around this time that the 1% of my body that didn't get mosquito repellent got bit. My cheek, under my camera. Instant swelling. We left shortly afterwards. I did brighten up most of the pictures.
This morning, Kerry woke me up to tell me he was taking mutt one and two out for a ride. I knew he'd be taking it easy so I said I'd go too. Besides, I've got to work my legs for our trip.
Right off the bat, Linus jumped a section of bushes that were hiding dead branches. He probably jumped about 6 feet which is amazing considering his girth. He hit the branches when he landed and this caused him to go off balance and he landed on his side infront of me on the trail with a loud thud. Got up and ran some more.
The lighting was a bit better but not much. The weather was bad, kind of rainy, very dark, and cold. Perfect for dogs. Perfect for riders. Not so perfect for photos. Overcast is good, dark and dismal is bad. On this jump, trail, trick, whatever, Sally hit the bottom and her legs gave out and she landed on her belly and face and bounced right back up as if nothing happened, I'd lay there for days afterwards.
I always think of the Lord of the Ring when we go to this area, must be something to do with Middle Earth.
The guys did tricks, while the girls took the easy way.

Kerry using this as a learning experience for the dogs, should they ever get lost, Linus knows the way now. Sally could care less, she's never getting lost.
Run, Forest, Run. Shortly after this, I got a face full of dust because a certain boy dog doesn't have any depth perception while running and if I hadn't jumped up I would have been road kill.
And then we stopped here so we could have breakfast and a doggy timbit for both dogs.

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