Friday, July 02, 2010

Later Canada Day

Here's my Canada sign.
Here's what was stuck on it after awhile. So I hung it up on Pee Pee Le Pew, or maybe he's Karl Jr. I didn't stop to get his name, I just know he must have a problem and should get some medication for it.

We took the big L downtown to check out the festivities. He had a nice dip in the lake, but we didn't get any treats like we had planned. It was too busy so we stopped at Wendy's on the way home. We walked down to City Park to watch the break dancers. Linus found a new family to shed all over. He even leaned on them while they were petting him and Kerry had to pull him off of their daughter.

They were very talented!

As always, I'm lagging behind. Maybe because I wore my flip flops, which by the way are the ones I bought last summer. My first pair ever. And they don't flip flop, they flip flip and it drives me crazy. They are so noisy.

Eveyone needs one of thse pictures. I only wish it was something better in the background, like the lake, or camera store.
The pool is full, chemicals are in it. And it's probably 2 degrees. I have a feeling that it is never going to warm up.
I think tomorrow we will book our big trip!!! I'm so excited!

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