Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shooting a dog in full sun.

Always one for photo ops, I suggested we take Mr. Tubbs out for some frisbee throwing. He's been upgraded from a bucket to an actual frisbee. The bucket got run over by an over zealous Kerry and his lawn mower. Linus is not a 'jump in the air' kind of frisbee catcher like Sally is. He's more a "let it hit the ground and roll" catcher. He's also lost 5 lbs. in 3 months! He's been working on it. Getting out more, eating more veggies, and snacking less.
Taking pictures in full sun, no shade and facing a low in the sky sun made for some interesting shots.
Awwww....cuties in the grass.

And then the one in the fur coat decided the shade I made was bigger, so he plopped down beside me. Notice the folded back tongue. It's how he rolls.

Then back to dad, he doesn't complain about dog breath like I do.
And the weightloss train has hit a snag. Karla and I are walking No matter that it's noon and it's 400 degrees out, we are determined. But today, we both have shoe issues, my heal has a blister, and one of my toe is missing flesh. Her baby toe has been sore for 2 days. We are walking tomorrow but have thoughts of taking turns pulling eachother in my Harley Davidson wagon. I'm down 1.1 lb. I think it was the fat that melted off me today.


Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Thats so funny about the rolled tongue! With Sandy, her tongue just hangs out one side of her mouth when she's hot. My weight loss is stagnant this wk...might be the chips I ate last night and will finish off tonight LOL

Sue said...

Awesome pictures Kelli - love these. Did Sally stay home?

Give you credit for sticking to your walking especially in this heat. I'm pulling for you both.