Sunday, February 06, 2011

7 months ago

Now that everything is back and up and running on the new Mac, we are finding some little surprises. Like Emily's California trip photos and videos, which were on the PC side, but are now loaded to the Mac side, as are hundreds of other photos I had forgotten about. Like the's nice to see what we were doing 7 months ago. 
 Things like rolling on the grass.
 Relaxing in the pool.
Chewing logs.
 Running around with buckets on our head.
 Sneaking through the jungle to find our bucket.
 And giving our bucket a dip in the pool to cool off.

 The stuff we are doing today...practicing with that macro reversing ring. A steady hand, I don't have.

This was yesterday, notice the sunshine, the dry ground, and the little bit of snow. Well, that's all covered in a lot of wet snow today. This is dad on his new toy. Good thing he got a ride in yesterday.


Dirty Car said...

It seems as though I need to wash my car...

Anonymous said...

I love the photos! Glad everything is up and running. I went to Apple and played with the Macbook I want. After doing online chat with them. They told me what I should get, what I didn't need and about the specials. Then I played with it for awhile at Best Buy and learned more about it!