Thursday, February 17, 2011


Years ago, Nancy gave me a kit for making photo coasters. It came with all the stuff you needed to transfer photos to ceramic tiles.  I used it up right away making tiles for Christmas gifts, and for this guy's owners.
They were a huge hit. I got requests for more. But sadly, the art supply store stopped carrying the product. I went in and asked and was looked at like I was crazy. I asked one last employee and she said they did have the stuff and it was in the discontinued bin. I found one tub of transfer gel and one pack of transfer paper, at 50%! Which made the 10 pack of paper a reasonable $25. Ouch.  So now I'm pretty stingy about giving out photo coasters. And you should have seen me today when the girl running the laser printer was saying that every other sheet of paper in the order before mine was getting jammed in the machine. I was about to tell her to find someone else to run the darn machine because she obviously didn't know how. She did have problems, she was so unprofessional (I thought she said the f-word at one point), and she finally did the copying on the self-serve machine for me. Everything worked out but I was on pins and needles waiting. At $2.50 a sheet, I can't afford to have her mess up!
So after all that, I came home, made my tiles, took the picture of them and will be giving them as a thank you gift for tomorrow night's bunco! 2 out of 3 of the tiles, the big dog is going across the street. I love that photo.
 Speaking of photos, that brings me to my new acquisition. A vintage Kodak Duaflex. I bid on it for a silent auction and amazingly(oddly) won. I thought for sure it would go for more than I bid, but then I realized that the auction wasn't well publicized. Maybe I bid too much. It was for a good cause.
The dogs love it. It gives them treats, they love how they can see me in it while I'm taking their picture.

And the love love love the flash and bulbs it came with, all of which fit in the faux leather case that it also came with.
Check it out, no snow in that part of the yard! Tomorrow, I'm sure there will be, that's they way it's been going lately.


Anonymous said...

Love the coasters and I don't blame you for being on pins and needles with that much money on the line and someone who can't seem to work the machines right. Ouch!
Great camera!

lacintha said...

Well now...fancy camera there Ms Kelli...would love to see the magic you turn out with that baby :)