Monday, February 14, 2011


We decided to have a family dinner for Valentine's. Well, me, Kerry and Emily decided. I asked what everyone's favourite meal was. Kerry said burgers, Emily said ribs, I want tator tots. When Kerry heard Emily wanted ribs, he decided he wanted ribs too!  So ribs, tots and salad for Valentine's dinner. I'm 3 steps ahead of the game, I had rub leftover from the last time I made ribs (the ones pictured above) and I am not making  bbq sauce from scratch this time. I have wood chips soaking for later. Now I just need ribs.
I can't wait! I love the way I smell after smoking meat! What a perfect Valentine's day! Too bad I have to go to work.

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Anonymous said...

sounds soo nice! Love ribs.
I was alone on V-Day. Hubby had work and school. Bummer!