Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Linus

Mom's been working on her Project Life album. I'm too short to see what is happening on the table but I can tell you that anything that hangs over the edge of the table is fair game. I've had some tasty treats from that table. I really like the taste and chewiness of the Stampin' Up cardstock. The assorted colours do taste different. The paper that mom uses to cover the table tastes good too. I trim the overhang down for her so that it looks nice and neat. I ate an origami flower the other day, mom wasn't happy but she said it would pass. I'm not checking to see if it did, but when it does, I bet it won't be as pretty.
 Mom's friend, Heather, left a pile of paper doilies behind. And this month's challenge was Glitter(Y), mom has terrible handwriting so no one knows why there was a Y at the end of glitter.  Mom decided to M Boss the doilies. I don't know what that means but I think it has something to do with dust, and heat. She was very happy when she was done so I think she got to eat some dust too.
 Mom held the Project Life album up for me to see. It's not very bright. She's using "New Tralls" and adding some bits of colour here and there. Not sure I like that.
 The most exciting part was when she lifted the Monthly Divider. She said she stamped the hearts using some Stazon ink. I looked pretty neat to me but what do I know? It didn't have dog hair on it, so it was only okay.
 Mom said her favourite part of the album would be the assorted page protectors. Meh...pockets for pictures, whatever.
 None of it makes up for the fact the humans made me walk to Grandpa's house. And then he wasn't even home. So I peed in his back yard. Here's some pictures of when we got home. Geez, I wish mom would wait till I open my eyes. Look, you can see my breath, it's that cold.
 I like this one, I'm such a handsome fellow. Mom says the sun flare is a nice touch. All I know is the sun is warming my back side, my bum is frozen to the ground.
 Then I told mom to get closer so everyone could see the snot!
 After the long, forever walk, I had a nap but my sister, Sally, kept bugging me. She decided she needed the sun spot more than I did.
I'm scared here. Very scared. She's touching me. Can you see the fear in my eyes? I'm thinking if I just lay still, she might get bored and leave.
Overall, mom says I had a good weekend. I know I got fed, not enough, and had a bunch of naps. I even watched some motocross and Daytona car racing with dad so I guess it was a good weekend.

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