Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Disney Stuff

With the computer being down, I never did blog all my photos from Disneyland! All 1500 of them! 
Lately, I have been putting them in albums and doing a tiny bit of journaling. It's almost like going all over again. I haven't processed/photoshopped or done any sharpening for web for the Disney photos. They are as is, sooc.
 Except we don't get to eat Wetzel's Pretzels every day. I am pretty sure Emily would have eaten them for every meal. We joke now that at some point on the trip, aliens abducted her and left us with a kid that eats more varieties of foods. It's really weird. She's eating oatmeal, enchiladas, sometimes stir-fries, and she'll try more things, even if she doesn't end up eating them all.
 I love this series of photos. There's the bubble gun guy. Doing his best to get kids hooked!
 She hasn't seen him yet but I know she will.
 And she will turn and say "I have to have a bubble gun!" "I need to have one!" and the bubble guy will sell her one and give her an additional bottle of bubbles. Which is good because for the rest of the day, she made bubbles every where she went.
 Kerry liked them too. For the first 15 minutes.
 Bubbles. Everywhere.
The other neat thing she did was to video tape as she went on rides.  She took some great photos with her little Fuji camera, dropping it twice didn't hurt the camera one bit. And the videos she took are a great thing to have. Except for when I hear my own voice. I may be sitting behind her. I may scream. She went on this ride a few times by herself. We were quite surprised at how many rides she went on this time compared to last time.


Disney Paris Holidays said...

The place is so much fun. It brings smile to every tourists.

Sue said...

That video was cool Kelli - the rides are still short though. Haven't been there since 1981 so I bet a lot has changed.

Anonymous said...

Such a fun ride! It is almost a good thing she sat in the front, it is the slowest seat on any coaster!

Anonymous said...

I miss the parks!