Friday, February 04, 2011

Coming Clean!

Back in the days before our trip to Disneyland, Erin Cobb was putting out a dvd/tutorial on her Clean Color Workflow. I wanted it so bad. And the release date was the day we would be crossing the California border, so I was without internet and out of luck or so I thought. I contacted Erin and was told that I could not pre-purchase, but as luck would have it, the dvd was not ready until the New Year. Which was much better timing for me. And that's what it's all about! 
I've been playing around with her settings and work flow. I don't have it down pat, I'm not sure about where I want the skin tones and how to smoothly do the steps. 
Here is a before photo that I thought was okay, although her face it darker than I'd like. 
 And here is the after, and as I type this I realize I should have done the 'save for web' steps. I can see her hair is kind of weird. I still think her face had a tad bit of green to it. And I wold have loved to crop the lattice straight, but then that ugly blue swing chain would have been wonky, I could remove it, but that seems like work.

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