Saturday, February 05, 2011

An investment in the form of a retreat

How often do you invest in yourself?

I can't say I really do, unless you include camera equipment and scrapbooking supplies, does that even count? I haven't invested in my own post secondary education since Shaun was 3-4 yrs. old. I could have had a career in computerize accounting, glorified book-keeping, but at the time after I finished the coures, we chose not to do the daycare route. And we haven't looked back. I also hate doing taxes and don't balance my cheque book. I've turned that part of my brain off.

Last year, there was some talk about me going back to school. Some research was done and I decided I didn't want to do it. Not for business, not for photography, not for anything.

But we did decide that if I wanted to take courses here and there, we'd make it work. So that's what I've been doing. Karen Russell still does add on classes for her Photographers' Workshop, called Making the Shot. I plan on purchasing them all as she puts them out. Erin Cobb put out a work flow DVD, and it's been a huge eye opener. I also have Zack Arias's One Light DVD that is really nicely done but it's more for studio lighting and I'm not into that, yet. But the biggest investment was just made. And from all reviews, it could be a life changer.  It should be the push I need.

What is it? Well, if you looked closely at the Project Life post, you would have seen a layout and some journalling about it. It's such a big thing for me that I wasn't sure I wanted to share it yet. But today, I feel like sharing... I am enrolled to attend a 3 day photography retreat put on by Barb Uil of Jinky Art Photography of Australia. It's not until the summer. I'm very excited and a bit scared. She only takes 12 in each retreat. Her retreats are always held some place beautiful, and this time, it's on an island off of Bowen Island. This in itself is scary. 3 days with people I don't know is scary. A 'water taxi' is scary. But the chance to learn a fraction of what Barb knows will be worth it.

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