Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Workin' It Wednesday {photo heavy}

Last night we had our Project Lifers meeting. 
 This is my album with my own papers and embellishments. I am proud to say I'm all caught up. 
 I may not have a photo for everyday, but I have at least 3 a week which is what I vowed to do.
 I also decided to use the photos SOOC, straight out of camera. 
 I'm journaling, like never before! I've got lots to say, but I never like to journal. 
 I'm handwriting too. Well, printing. And I'm trying to keep it neat and legible for future generations.
 I've journaled about my big decision. My large investment. The source of my eternal stomach upset. The reason I won't be able to go for coffee, lunch, or to the scrapbook store for awhile. Ohhhhh....
But it's a good thing. It's a great thing. It's an investment in ME! 
I woke this morning and got this rosemary, feta, and olive focaccia bread going. Jumped the gun, because it's for dinner tonight and it was ready at noon. Emily and I have snacked a bit too much on it. It's so good. 
I bought this book last month, which was January, can't believe it's February already. AND holy tear jerker, Batman! I cried for most of the book. If you can't read the note beside the book, it says "Finished stupid book with tears in my eyes!" and it's from Kerry. (sorry, Ker, if I just outed you as sensitive.) Even telling him about how good the ending was made me cry about it. If you love dogs, read it. 

 After I got the bread rising, I put my nose to the grind stone and made a bunch of cards.
 Using new stamp sets and paper I forgot I had.
 This one has glitter swirls drawn by me with the tiny thin glue pen Heather gave me. Super fine!

 Using colours I don't normally use.

This one is my favourite. 


Sue said...
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Sue said...

Sorry Kelli - I made a booboo. I love your cards and new colors! Your bread looks yummy - did you have any left for supper? LOL Your getting lots done I see WOW

Angie Tieman said...

Look at you, a whirlwind of creativity and production! Impressive!! I'm in awe of your scrapping, way to go! That book looks good, will have to decide if I can be brave enough to try it!

Anonymous said...

that bread looks soo good. Im hungry now! LOL!
Going to have to check out that book, even if it's a tear jerker.
And Love all the cards! you were really busy!

Rae | Family Photographer said...

Your Project Life looks very interesting. I like the idea of SOOC images and lots of journaling. Are you doing this thru a local scrapstore or club? You know I'm a sucker for dog stuff so I went online and requested that book. So I guess soon I'll be crying too.