Thursday, March 29, 2007

A BIG thank you!!!

It takes Heather emailing me to say Congratulations for me to figure out that I'm a WINNER!!! Even though really I'm a loser for not checking the POTP site more often.

Not only did I win the grandprize for the on-line crop weekend, I won two of the Scrappy Awards. One for most inovative layout and one for most amazing alteration.
I feel extremely honoured!


Audrey said...


Fern said...

Way to go Kelli! Were those your winning LO's?

Heather said...

I knew you would win something! Rah, Rah!

Dawn said...

Wow! Way to go!!!
(so, audrey didn't enter, then?)

You deserve it!

Kelli said...

I forgot to thank Audrey for making other plans for that weekend.

Cheryl said...

CONGRATS!!! That is a totally cool and creative page! Love your little puppy book too :)