Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Ahead

Don't forget about the time change. My ever-thoughtful hubby changed all the clocks at 8 pm. tonight, while I was having my evening nap so that I can watch MadTV. So when I woke up it was after 9 and I knew it was around 7 that I closed my big brown eyes. So I was in shock when I woke up thinking I had been asleep for 2 hours!
I found him downstairs in my craft room, no, not stamping, but watching the Beck Mongolian Chop Squad marathon. The WHAT? Until today, we didn't know what it was either, it's another Japanese anime. Only no one has special powers, no one comes from the feudal era, flies a robot, or has died and been brought back by a family member, nope, it's normal, everyday life stuff of a group of teens that make a band.
Don't forget that when you change your clocks back you are supposed to change your ceiling fans too. They should be going clockwise now. Spring ahead, Fall back.

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