Friday, March 30, 2007

Productive day at last!

I made this yesterday, it's a sample for a class. I'll put pictures of Emily's friends in it for her and she can have it when I'm done with it. It's full of tags and other goodies. I used an SU kit and my brand spankin' new Crop-a-dile. You know, the one I said I didn't need, would never buy. The one I tried at Yo's and fell in love with and tried to sneak home in my shirt. It cuts through 5 folded paper bags like a hot knife through butter! And it's left or right handed! LOOOOVE it!

I watch Hallmark movies just to see the commercials, they make me cry everytime. So it's no wonder I got teary eyed at seeing Sally playing tug-o-war with Linus. She's not a dog (at least in her mind), so she doesn't play with other dogs. She's far more interested in what the humans are doing if she has the choice.

We were worried that she might not take to Linus, but she has really surprised us and has done better than we could have hoped for. She does growl at him, like when he wants to lay on her or eat her food, but overall, she's tolerating the little pest, better than Kerry is! That's a whole other story, he's quite funny really, and kind of a big baby himself. Anyway, back to puppies...Sally will dangle the 'grinch arm' over Linus's head and when he tries to grab the end, she turns her head. She will trot around the table so that he chases her and she will go slow enough for him and then sprint away when he catches up. It's so funny to see her taunting him, but he gets tired of it and lays down and then she starts again with the dangling over his head. Kerry told Linus he could totally relate because that's what his brother did to him, where as I can relate the other way, my brother was a pest.

And who knew that by getting a puppy not only would I never get the housework done, but I would be spending more time outside puppysitting and doing yard work that I did all last year? Okay, I have vacuumed more in the last 4 days than normal, but that darn pup brings in so much grass, he's always got some hanging out of his mouth.

Kerry's gross thought of the day...Linus has no tail so therefore he can't properly pump the poop out and might get some stuck. My reply was that there is no tail to attach cling-ons to and that's another pro for the poor tailess thing! He's either going as a bunny rabbit or Eeyore for Halloween.


Tara said...

Cute album! Can't wait to see all of your newly crafted goodies! LOL about the tail thing... and ITA! No clumpies! Woo hoo!!!

Dawn said...

Sounds like Linus is "bringing doggy back"...

Good for sally!

Cheryl said...

I too had to retract all the mocking I did of the Crop-a-dile. It is a fantastic tool.

I'm glad Sally is accepting Linus :) Jacob does the same sort of stuff to Luke.

Love your little mini book!