Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Puppy Power!

I miss my daddy!

Ooops how did that get in here and who is it?
My grandma and me.

Is this the Bumpa that Sally was talking about? He's gonna spoil me too!

I'm resigning to the fact I might never get to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time ever again. I can't even nap. I'll probably be able to get lots of sleep in the hospital after I'm admitted for pneumonia.

Today at Grand Central, we had more visitors than we have had all year! First Heather came to visit and meet Linus for the first time, then Em's friend came, then Yolanda and her blondies showed up with goodies from Michaels! And then they all stayed and we had a great visit, we need to do that more. Then my 'fav. cuz.' came with her sister, my '2nd fav.' and they hung out with the dogs for awhile too. Poor Linus was so tired. Both dogs got goldfish tails from Yo's girls.

And Sally actually tried to play with Linus this afternoon, although he's been trying since yesterday to get her to play, she scared him and he rolled over and played dead. I know it will work out eventually. He so wants to play, sleep and hang with her.


nancy said...

aaaaw what a sweet face.... who needs sleep

Fern said...

Great pictures Kelli! I look forward to meeting him too!

ps what's with Yolanda's hair??

RAE said...

What a sweetie...enjoy him! He is soooo huggable!