Monday, March 19, 2007

New Puppy Blues

So I didn't get any sleep last night and it wasn't all Linus's fault, my cold is making it hard to sleep, although a puppy whining every 3 hours didn't help either.
The little monster is sleeping right now, so I can actually take my eyes off him for a few minutes. I'm dog tired!
We took the two dogs for a walk and for the first time Sally didn't give Linus the evil eye for touching her. He walked so much better when he could walk right next to her. We only made it down our road and back, I had to carry him part way.
He had a bath and looked so pathetic, even fell asleep while being blow dried. Took all of 10 minutes to bath him, not like the hours it takes to do Sally.
We took him to Kerry's work to meet the guys, it's funny to see big, burly men crawling around the floor to see the puppy. Of course, Linus christened the office floor. Which makes 4 accidents today. He also met the dogs and cats that live next door, 4 Shelties and 2 cats, he was so scared.
He/We had a busy day.


Cheryl said...

Where are the pathetic puppy pictures??? I am a little envious ;)

Dawn said...

It's like having a little one again! He is just so darn cute!!!!!!!! I love Linus.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kelli-its sooo nice to have a puppy blues friend! But now that Cosi is fixed, and bigger, he's almost not a puppy anymore and I'm gonna miss it. So inhale the puppy breath, clean up the puppy messes and enjoy your own blonde bombshell! Genesis