Friday, March 16, 2007

Holy Speedy Connection, Batman!

The Shaw guy just came because we had a problem last week and our connection was week. When he came he had a new modem, and said Shaw was phasing out the blue ones. WHAT? Our's isn't blue, it's black and we've had it for maybe 8 years. So the big black monster got replaced with a smaller, cuter model. And the guy says now the internet will be 2x faster.
So as I was just contimplating with Yo, does this mean I can surf twice as much in the same amount of time, or surf the same amount in half the time? Either way, will my housework get done faster?


Fern said...

I think it means you will waste at least twice as much time!!

Tara said...

Yeah... I tend to agree with Fern!

Cheryl said...

High speed rocks. Now if they only had a package deal with a maid.