Friday, March 09, 2007

How to waste a morning 101

1. read your list of favourite blogs while eating breakfast, think this is good, multi-tasking.

2. find freebies to download to PS 7, start downloading while thinking you hit the motherload. (or is it lode?)

3. try to find where on your computer you downloaded your freebies to.

4. tell yourself you will only play in PS for a few minutes.

5. realize half the day is shot because you had to play in this stupid, but amazing program.

6. post your 3rd entry for today on your blog because you are so darn impressed with yourself for being able to figure one more PS thing out.
Can you hear the cheering? Can you see how pleased with myself I am? Can you see my son freaking out?
On a totally different note...this sharing of the germs is going to bite me on the ass...Kerry maybe coming home early. We were supposed to go get the passports done tonight, but who wants to sit in a close confined area with Mr. Snotnose Germieface? Not me! I know better than to breath in while infected people are around me, too bad he didn't know that!


Heather said...

I can't find the words!


This has got to be the most FABULOUS page I have ever seen! I soooooooo L-O-V-E this page.


Tara said...

Cool! I want to learn me some of that! Great job!

PS: it's 'lode'...

Kelli said...

Thanks Tara! That's what I thought! Motherlode, even though it looks funny and I second guessed myself and convinced me that it had to be a big 'load', the mother of all loads!

Fern said...

motherload is the heavy weight of responsibility all mothers must bear (ooooh does that make you feel better).

It's a very cool page, you're going to have to give a PS demo one of these days!